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Dr. Robinson's Chiropractic Clinic

California's Trusted Chiropractic, Rehabilitation & Functional Medicine Clinic is your one-stop shop for all things wellness. Dr. Robinson's Chiropractic Clinic provides personalized care and cutting-edge treatments with a warm southern welcome.

Welcome to the most modern and cutting-edge medical facility in California! We offer a wide range of services for all your needs, from chiropractic care that focuses on targeting problems at their source to physical rehabilitation with state-of art technology. Here at our clinic, we pride ourselves on personalized care plans. Every individual’s pain is different and deserves specific attention; this way you stay informed about the treatments ahead so that when it comes time for them- or any other decision regarding your treatment -you can choose what feels right!

Dr. Daniel Robinson is a chiropractor who has been certified in Active Release Technique for the spine and upper extremity. As the owner of Dr. Robinson's Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Daniel Robinson has been able to provide patients with high quality service that is tailored for their needs.

Dr. Jane Moore is a whole family chiropractor who graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2006 and uses her extensive experience to provide care for your entire household, not just individual members!

Dr. Leo Davies is a graduate of Life University and has had the opportunity to help others with chiropractic care since he was 15 years old, which sparked his passion for medicine early on in life!

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What Our Patients Say

The care I've received at Dr. Robinson's Chiropractic Clinic is hands down some of the best in town! Unlike other places, they make you feel like family and their staff always go above to help. My knees have been so much less painful since starting treatment with them - it's really impressive how well this team knows what needs done.

Annya Wright

The staff at DRCC is the best! They have made a huge difference in my life and helped me get back on track after certain health issues. The functional medicine they offer as well as traditional adjustments has given me great benefits, but what makes it even better are all these little things like how much patience you can see from them when working with your body's needs.

Jessica Tafgar

At the front desk, you're greeted with a smile and offered assistance if needed. The chiropractic assistants are always happy to help out in any way they can! Robinson's care goes above what most doctors offer- he really does take his time so that each patient feels special during their visit which makes me love coming here even more than before.

Joshua Sparks

Work injury and auto accident rehab is our specialty

Carolina Chiropractic Plus offers comprehensive services to help you recover from your auto accident or work injury. With our team of doctors, we will diagnose the problem quickly and create an individualized treatment plan for quick recovery so that you can return back into daily activities without any pain!

You could get immediate access to our services and the help you need with just one phone call. We will even provide counseling on how best go about filing your personal injury claim, so that it is processed as quickly possible!

Dr. Robinson's Chiropractic Clinic

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