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Is your marriage going down the tubes? Finding a good lawyer could help you stay afloat. Our team of talented professionals will work with you to get through this difficult time without breaking the bank or destroying your family life in.

A Successful Divorce Starts With Finding the Right Lawyer

Divorce cases most often go wrong because of the attorneys handling the case. and the techniques for lack of technique that are used in the case. We are different from other law firms because we specialize in divorce and family law. know the legal roadblocks. and will guide you through the daunting divorce process with a personalized strategy

"We'll show you how to avoid getting steamrolled in your divorce, hurting the kids and jeopardizing finances. And I'm not one of those lawyers that are talking about it."

About De Facto Attorneys

At De Facto Attorneys, we'll defend your rights. Our team is ready to help you with any sort of criminal case and fight for a positive outcome - just ask our satisfied customers! We're always looking out for those who need us most so that every client can have their voice heard in court too.

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