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start living your best life and make a difference in people's lives.

4-Step Plan To Becoming A Fitness Instructor


Join our Fitness Instructor Training program to become a certified, expert instructor.


Complete the Fitness Instructor course and become one of America's top instructors!


Post your in-person and virtual classes on social media platforms to attract students.


Fitness Instructors should take their passion for this profession seriously because it will help them earn money!

Get The Tools and essentials You Need

A license to teach indefinitely

The instructor training program will offer you an opportunity to enjoy exclusive benefits and a license.

content marketing tool

You can now get personalized marketing materials and an instructor page to promote yourself, as well as your classes.

Music, dance and more - Get it all here.

Access to fresh music and choreo - plus everything you need for teachingclasses.


To stream and host online classes, manage attendance and collect payment this semester sign up for our exclusive social media content creation app.

get licensed and teach now.

You can get a professional license to teach your first class in no time! No matter what type of training you prefer, this way is for everyone.



Take your fitness to the next level with a professional.

  • We offer live, face-to-face sessions at your convenience
  • one day licensing session
  • Real-time interaction with your instructor and other participants will help you to feel at ease



Self-paced online course and have an online coach access

  • Connect with a Fitness Specialist Instructor for any questions
  • Exclusive access to the latest music and choreography



Over Zoom, with a Fitness Specialist Instructor.

  • Livestream session via the Zoom
  • The instructor's instructions come to life as you interact with the other participants during your training

With its variety of courses and responsive support system, Fitness Guru is the perfect choice for those looking to make a career change or just need some extra cash.

  • Fit and flexible, Fitness Guru is the perfect way to get in shape on your own time. You can teach as many classes or just one!
  • You will have fun while staying in shape.
  • You can make more money and do what you love on your own terms!
  • You can make a difference in people's lives. You are helping them get healthier and happier by providing the education needed for this new age!

what the participants have to say about it!

"The On Demand program was a lot of fun and it's great that we could do things at my own pace in the comfort of home! I really enjoyed how interactive this course is."

Jane Doe


"I became an instructor to inspire others and give them the same joy that I had when learning. My passion for this dance program is what drives me now, not only as a student but also in my new role."

Marie Feels


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